What's the preferred way for your favorite sports team to lose?


Mar 19, 2024
I saw this on another forum and thought it was an excellent question to ask you guys

Whether you follow professional, college, or youth sports, what is your preferred way to lose?

Blowout- Whether the other team is better, your team just isn't getting "bounces", you're just blown out and there's no doubt about the outcome.

Can't score at the end- everything is setup for last second heroics, but the team can't pull it off.

Can't stop the other team at the end- other team scores on a "last second" play and your certain victory changes to defeat in a heartbeat

Sorry, no "other" in this case

I mean all of these options are crappy but if I HAD to choose, it would be a blowout, because if you can't score on the last possession or you can't stop the other team on their last possession, that's heartbreaking as a fan. At least in a blowout, you know all is lost and can watch another game.
The best way I prefer for my favorite team to lose a match is when luck is obviously against my team to win because every attempt we have on target is either going to be saved or hit the woodwork but whenever the other opposition team get an attempt on target, they will score freely.